Fashion Advice for Women Over 50

The 50’s should be the age of prosperity, both financial and personal prosperity, and harmony should be the essential word. But what about the personal style after 50 years? Some women don’t accept their maturity or they don’t realize they don’t have 30 years anymore. You should know that if you dress younger, you won’t necessarily look younger! Fifty should mean comfort and elegance. We offer you some fashion advice for women over 50, which can easily help you look fabulous.

Choose your style

Firstly, you must cultivate a personal style. Do some research about your body type and decide what clothes will fit you better. By Using the right colors and clothes you can hide or accentuate your features.

The clothes

Nowadays, the office look has become more casual, but there are a few items in any women’s wardrobe which will create an elegant outfit. It’s recommended to use quality materials such as fur, silk, cashmere or cotton. The clothes shouldn’t be baggy or tight, no matter your body shape or size. You should avoid wearing short skirts, transparent outfits or deep necklines. In theory, until now, you should already have a stylistic stability. That’s why most women choose the quality to the detriment of quantity. So, try to have some ”good” pieces in your wardrobe which will become an eye-catcher for others.

The shoes

Just because you are over 50’s, that doesn’t mean that you should become less active, but at this age, comfort is the key word regarding the shoes. However, there are some pairs of shoes every woman should own. It’s recommended to have a pair of running shoes if you enjoy traveling, some comfortable flats for a romantic evening walk, high heels for professional or elegant occasions, and boots for cold days. You will look gorgeous with your high heels and a little black dress which is a ” must have” for your wardrobe. You can also choose open toe sandals with colorful prints or stilettos which are extremely elegant.

The accessories

The accessories are important in every women’s outfit. Moreover, the accessories are items which complete your outfit. That’s why you should pay attention when you choose them. You can wear colored socks, gloves, scarves, chic hats, bags, discrete or flashy jewelry depending on your outfit. However, you can also try eyeglasses which will give you a professional look or faux jewelry which isn’t too expensive and bring elegance to your outfit.

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