How to Put Together the Perfect Power Outfit

Obviously, the outfit you wear in the morning says many things about your style and your personality. Moreover, if you work in an office, in a school or even in the fashion world, you want to look authoritative and strong. There are different sets of rules for every work environment. That being said, here are some tricks on how to put together the perfect power outfit.

The office outfit

Whether you are working in an office or in a school, your dress code should be business or business casual. For this situations, it’s recommended to wear trousers, sweaters, skirts or shirts. You can opt for suits or for separate pieces. Choose nice colors for your outfit and make sure you are not too flashy. You can mix a blazer with a pencil skirt and a white shirt, or you can add some personality to your look by wearing a printed blouse with a pair of skinny jeans. Moreover, if you work in a company, you can try to be more fashionable and choose some unconventional prints and pieces. You can opt for a long-line jacket, a printed dress or a full, gray suit with a black blouse.

Teacher outfit

Undoubtedly, if you work in a school as a teacher or even as a secretary, your outfit is very important. Working with kids can be difficult and they should see you as an authoritative figure. That’s why your outfit must be elegant and comfortable because you spend a lot of time in school. It’s recommended to wear comfortable trousers with a nice turtleneck sweater and a pair of stylish shoes. You can also wear classic jeans, a blazer, and a bold accessory which will become the focal point of your outfit. Every teacher should have a big bag. So, a black shoulder bag is the best option, because this color will make you feel confident and look great.

A court lawyer

If you work as a lawyer, your outfit may be quite conservative. You should have outfits that don’t distract, your clothes must be tailored perfectly and your suits should be more conventional. It’s recommended to choose classic and simple accessories.

Moreover, you should include in a watch in your outfit. Powerful women will always wear a watch. Whether you are going to a meeting with clients or just to a presentation, you should invest in a pair of comfortable and quality shoes. You can try some elegant heels or you can choose a pair of stilettos.

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