How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans became more trendy for the past years and many women have at least one pair in their wardrobe. And why shouldn’t they? They are comfortable, casual, loose and easy to wear. It seems that no matter what pieces of clothes you match them with, the boyfriend jeans keep the effect of a masculine but at the same time, stylish appearance. So, if you are tired of all sorts of skinny jeans or another pair of jeans, then you may want to try the boyfriend jeans. By reading the tips below, you will definitely come to the decision to buy one of them.

Denim on denim

Although you may think the combination is too much, it’s actually very cool and funny. Just wear a button down denim shirt with your boyfriend jeans and add some ladylike accessories and you will see how different they will look. Nevertheless, try to put on different tones of denim. You can also choose a tailored coat to maximize the fashion look.


This is the most classic combination. If you want a casual summer look, then wearing a simple t-shirt with sandals and a big bag will definitely change your style. For a fancier look, you can put on some big sunglasses.

Floral shirts

If you are looking for an electric appearance, then a floral shirt might be what you need. This type of shirt is awesome combined with boyfriend jeans. Also, wearing a pair of platform heels will surely make you more interesting.

Sneaker wedges

A very refreshing idea is to tuck the boyfriend jeans into sneaker wedges. In this way, you will get a totally different look. In order to complete the outfit, put on a slim leather jacket and you are ready to go.

High heels

This combination will help you get a more feminine and sexy look. If you want to highlight the heels you might take into consideration wearing your jeans cuffed. They will look more elegant than they usually do.

Grunge style

Choosing a vintage pair of jeans will help you get a nineties-inspired look. A black beanie and a biker jacket can make a very successful grunge style.


Although you may not think that jeans can’t be glamorous, you will find out that you are mistaken. A shiny and sparkling top or blouse will work perfectly with boyfriend jeans. The contrast combination between the two items will make people turn their head and will draw everyone’s attention at the club. Make sure you choose light accessories with this outfit.


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