Makeup Tips for All Eye Colors

Women have always been interested in eyes makeup, even long before modern times. They have always searched for ways to highlight their eyes and improve their makeup techniques. Every woman is different and so are her eyes. They differ in shape and color and today, having all sorts of beauty products that address to each type of eyes, it’s easy to just find out what suits us best and then try them. In this article, we will talk about some useful makeup tips for all eye colors.

Brown eyes

The best thing about creating the perfect eye makeup for brown eyes is that they offer you many choices. Since brown has no complementary colors, almost every makeup color will look good on them. You should know that light colors maximize the size of your eyes and the darker ones minimize it. To make your eyes more evident, try to keep the lips and cheeks in neutral colors. An incredible idea for brown eyes is to pair a white liner with metallic tones in order to highlight their color. Also, another great tip is to change your brown or black eyeliner with a plum one. You will see what a stunning effect you will achieve.

Green eyes

Although they are one of the most beautiful eyes, finding a makeup color for green eyes can be quite difficult. Warm colors work very well with these eyes and a bronze eyeshadow is one of the best ones. Avoid silver and pick purple instead, it goes really well with green. Also, choose a plum or violet eyeliner, because it will stand out much more than a black one. If you want to pop up the color, then you should definitely try peach and cream blush.

Blue eyes

The blue eyes are special and therefore, it can be a little more complicated to highlight them. Use warm colors like copper or brown and avoid brighter colors because they will make them look dull. Apply bronzer in the right spots and use a brown or gray mascara. Dark colors have the same effect as the bright ones, so you should definitely avoid black smoky eyes. If you want the eyes to draw more attention, then use a natural lip color.

Black eyes

They are very beautiful and intense, so you have to use the blackest mascara you find. Adding a liner to the mascara will only give your eyes a more subtle line. A great tip is to make sure that the white of your eyes looks whiter so you should take care of this aspect too. Smokey eyes are one of the best choices for black eyes. Also, you can accentuate your lips with a bold lipstick shade.

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