5 Celebrities Who Stay Fit with Pilates

A role in a new movie, spectacular scene performances, the catwalk, or the red carpet, they are all occasions for the celebrities to get and stay fit. Nevertheless, many of them have spoken about the difficulty of maintaining a toned body without it becoming bulky. Weight lifting and some fitness exercises can increase the muscle mass, which wouldn’t be desired for slim and slender bodies like those possessed by Jennifer Aniston or Miley Cyrus.

Yet, they seem to be in excellent shape, without adding a single ounce of bulk on their perfect bodies. The secret here is no longer a secret, as they were too excited not to tell the world about their Pilates routines. This technique is practiced for decades now at Hollywood by celebrities with different career interests and ages, and there’s no wonder they all have fallen in love with it, as, according to Winsor Pilates, the benefits include both mind and core strengthening and the sessions comprise so diverse workouts that it is practically impossible to get bored.

To quote Sylvester Stallone, who is an old fan of the routine, “the name sounds cute, but it ain’t cute”, so getting an active Pilates student requires discipline and perseverance. Nevertheless, some famous names have already become masters, so let’s see how 5 of our favorites did it.

Jennifer Aniston

The name of Jenifer Aniston has remained forever linked to the character she played in the hit sitcom Friends. We all laughed at Rachel Green’s clumsiness as a waiter and rooted for her to give poor Ross a chance. Moreover, we were all dazzled by Rachel’s perfect body and her amazing sense of style.

Nevertheless, even if the series came to an end in 2004, Aniston continued to get the attention, and the truth is there’s plenty to admire about her. Not only that she came to act in some serious movies, which got a lot of awards, but she became a health model for all her fans.

Aniston called herself a Pilates person and confessed that the routine had helped her go through some difficult episodes in her life. She used it to recover after a hip problem and solve a pinched nerve. While mat workouts are her favorite and delivered the expected results, exercises on the Pilates reformer are primary for recovery, and integrating them into your routine as Aniston did leads to a quick path to regaining your full health. Aside from this aspect, the actress talked about the period when she struggled with chronic back pain and how Pilates managed to reduce it. She also declared that this technique makes her feel taller.


Isn’t it amazing how fit and young Madonna looks at her 62 years? The queen of pop is renowned for her strict workout routine and healthy diet she’s been following for decades. Along with daily cardio workouts, which are part of her dance training, her schedule includes Yoga and Pilates, which have helped her maintain a strong body and slender line. Moreover, Madonna used Pilates as a way to gain better posture. It has also taught her how to breathe and maintain her energy throughout the concerts while avoiding getting injured in the middle of complicated movements.

David Beckham

Pilates isn’t a technique designed exclusively for women, this is why you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that more and more professional male athletes choose to practice it. In fact, it was developed by Joseph Pilates to help soldiers recover their strength and balance after being wounded in the First World War. Hence, David Beckham’s interest in it.

While playing at AC Milan, he started taking these classes along with all the players in the team, as the Italians included them in their training as a way to improve their suppleness and balance. During this period, Beckham discovered that Pilates can help him become slimmer and decided to include it in his every-day routine. Now, according to his sayings, he’s doing an hour of Pilates every day.

Miley Cyrus

She turned her life around not only by breaking with her famous character Hannah Montana but with a lifestyle that included smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, doing drugs (mainly marijuana and ecstasy), and drinking alcohol. Today, Miley Cyrus is an example of how to live an active and healthy life.

Her lifestyle consists of a vegetarian diet, which doesn’t include dairy or gluten products (she has an intolerance to food containing them), and lots of exercises. She is doing Yoga about 2 hours every day and reserves 30 minutes for Pilates, a technique she has started practicing under the guidance of the famous celebrities’ instructor, Mari Winsor. According to her former instructor, Miley is a big fan of the Cadillac, which helps her maintain her legs and but in amazing shape.

Sofia Vergara

Well, when it comes to genetics, Sofia Vergara has just hit the jackpot. Who doesn’t envy her magnificent curves, slim body, and incredible hair? But if you thought that good physical inheritance is all it takes to look spectacular at 48 years old, allow Vergara to contradict you. She’s actually engaged in a very active lifestyle, which includes heavy training with weights and fitness workouts. The sessions take place five to six times a week and last for about an hour.

Nevertheless, Vergara’s favorite is the Lagree Method, which is a Pilates-inspired routine. It uses an adapted Pilates reformer, called the Megaformer, which is amped-up and has a sliding platform connected to the machine through springs and cables. The star has even bought a Megaformer of her own, which is installed in her home gym, and she uses it to keep her flexibility and balance up.

Why Do Celebrities Do Pilates?

This technique is no longer an insulated case at Hollywood, it is the trend, and more celebrities complete their fitness workouts with 30 to 60 minutes of Pilates every day. We have only discussed five names in this article, but the number of stars doing Pilates is far larger. Among the enthusiasts, you will also find Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, Amanda Seyfried, Naomi Campbell, Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Sylvester Stallone, Reese Witherspoon, and many others.

So, what makes this type of workout so attractive to celebrities?

Here are some ideas:

  • It offers stress relief – Celebrities may live a glamorous life, but it surely isn’t an easy one. They travel a lot and often have to deal with time zone differences, which reflects on their sleeping patterns and add extra stress to their already stressful daily routine. Therefore, at the end of the day going to the gym may seem more like an extra stress than a relive (this goes the same for any of us). Pilates can be practiced on a mat inside the house, and this is its biggest advantage. Furthermore, it engages both the body and the mind, offering a window of relaxation.
  • The results show up fast – Whether they need to prepare for a movie or a world tour, celebs don’t have too much time at their disposal to tone up. Fortunately, Pilates is a highly effective technique that helps them work toward their desired results. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that it alone can change a person’s body in only a few weeks. Most celebs never stop exercising actually.
  • It improves posture – As a star who is always followed by cameras, you cannot afford to look hunchbacked or out of balance. Pilates is designed to solve these precise problems, and it has helped many stars get their beautiful posture we admire every day.
  • It tones the muscles – If you have wondered what makes 50 or 60-year-old celebs look so young, the answer is their toned muscles. As we get old, our muscles tend to lose their strength and begin melting under our skin. However, regular Pilates workouts ensure that they stay active and maintain their shape, thus postponing the effects of old age.


What do all these celebrities have in common? First, their unmeasurable fame, and, secondly, their amazing bodies, which, in some cases, seem to have overcome time. Is it possible to have a body like Madonna’s in your 60s? It is. But as you have seen, you need to put up some serious work and get ready to renounce those juicy burgers that have sort of become part of your diet. The answer is always a healthy lifestyle, which needs to include a diet based on fruits, vegetables, and grains, and lots of exercises. Plus, don’t forget hydration, as it is the one in charge of keeping the skin young and shiny.

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