How to Achieve a Beach Body in Just 4 Weeks

With summer right around the corner, every woman dreams of looking stunning in a bathing suit which is why they all try to tone their body to make it look perfect for summer. If you think that you don’t have enough time to sculpt your body, the following tips will help you look stunning in just four weeks. Here is what you need to do to stay fit for summer.

Set your goal

Before you start your weight loss program for summer, weigh yourself very well and see how much weight you have to get rid of. A body fat analyzer like the Easyhome digital is the best tool for this because it can show you exactly how much fat there is in your body and how much you need to lose in order to look great. As seen in the easyhome scale review, it calculates your BMI so you will gain enough muscle mass for the perfect shape and will guide you through your fitness program. Plus, it offers the convenience of a Bluetooth connectivity soy ou can keep your record on your smartphone. Use the body fat analyzer to measure your body every once a week during these 4 weeks to make sure you are on the right track.

Lose belly fat

Summer is about short and tight blouses and bathing suits, which means that you must display a perfect abdomen with no sign of fat. For this, you must perform intense workouts every day to burn belly fat and to work your lower abs. You can get great results from simple exercises like lying on the floor and lifting your legs upright and lowering them without touching the floor so you will keep your belly muscles contracted. Or, you can do regular crunches while maintaining the legs floating 2 inches above the ground so the muscles will stay tensed.

Tone your entire body

Not only your legs and abs must be toned for a nice summer body but your arms and back as well so you will look gorgeous in a beach suit. For toning your entire body, you can use a rowing machine that offers great resistance and works multiple muscles in your body from the legs to the upper and lower back to the arms. Regardless the fitness equipment you choose, use a fitness tracker that will show you exactly how many calories an exercise is helping you burn, which is your heart rate, and which should be your next workout step.

Enhance the look of your breasts

Every woman likes to have toned and firm breasts that look very well in a bathing suit and luckily, you can have great breasts this summer with some simple workouts. Resistance bands are great for working your breasts and for giving back the elasticity of your skin. Another great way to lift your breasts is to sit on a bench and lift dumbbells on each hand while keeping your hands slightly flexed so the muscles in your breasts and upper body will contract.

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