How to Have Gorgeous Lashes Even without Mascara

Long, curved, and thick eyelashes are every woman’s dream and they resort to all kinds of cosmetic treatments in order to achieve that flawless aspect of their eyes. Unfortunately, methods like eyelash extensions or excessive use of mascara can damage natural lashes and stop them from growing. If you want to have gorgeous lashes even without using a simple mascara, here is what you should do.

Apply nourishing oils to your lashes

Castor oil is known for its beneficial effects on hair growth and it’s one of the most popular natural remedies for growing thick and strong lashes. Apply it regularly on your lashes and you will start seeing the effects after the first weeks of use. Olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil can also boost the growth of your eyelashes so you can mix them with castor oil for a more powerful effect. Apply the oils using a clean mascara brush as close to the roots of your lashes as possible every night before bedtime for maximum efficiency.

Use an eyelash growth serum

Lash growth serums have been specifically designed to encourage new lashes to grow and to prevent lash breakage. The active ingredients in a lash growth serum get deep into the hair follicle and offer it the necessary nutrients to grow longer and thicker. Opt for a serum made of natural ingredients like Latisse and apply it to your lashes every day in order to make them grow and to stop them from falling. This serum is safe to use and does not harm your eyes in any way so you will not need a medical prescription for it.

Make use of petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is often used for cosmetic purposes because of its nourishing effects. Apply it to your lashes using either a clean mascara wand or a cotton bud that you soak in petroleum jelly. Make sure you spread it all over the lashes without getting any into your eyes. Be patient while using this method and it will soon show results in boosting the growth of your natural lashes.

Take vitamin E

Vitamins are essential for the well-functioning of your body and for a beautiful aspect as well because vitamins make you glow from the inside. Vitamin E is very effective in helping your hair grow which is why you will find it in most hair care products. You can enjoy its benefits by adding vitamin E capsules to your castor oil or you can eat foods with high amounts of vitamin E like papaya, avocado, broccoli, spinach or nuts.

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