Summer 2016 Hair Color Trends

Do you think that the color of your hair looks kind of boring at the moment, and you would like to make a change in order to look absolutely fabulous for the summer? If this is what you want, then you must be well informed regarding what hair colors are on trend this summer. Moreover, you must know exactly what suits you best. For some inspiration, take a look at the below summer 2016 hair color trends.

Go for brown hair with red peaks

If you are looking for the most amazing hair colors that are on trend in 2016, then you must definitely go for brown hair with red peaks. As you can see in this photo, you must have long hair, in order to look absolutely spectacular. You can go for this combination of colors if you have short hair as well, but it will not look as amazing as it would look if your hair is long. It is the right color for women with a bright skin and eyes. This wonderful brown definitely looks very natural, and it will make you look and feel fantastic. Therefore, if you are planning to change your look this summer, then you must definitely go for this style.

Choose different hues of blonde

If blonde is what you like and what suits you as well, then you can go for this hair color this year, because it is on trend. What you must keep in mind is that you must not choose the same hue for all of your hair. It is highly recommended to combine different hues, like in the above picture. This is without a doubt one of the hottest hair color trends for summer 2016, which women with a very bright skin should adopt.

Blonde platinum is also on trend

If you are interested in summer 2016 hair color trends, then blonde platinum is a great choice this year. It looks splendid, and it can make any woman look chic and extremely hot at the same time. In this picture, you can see that this color looks amazing on short hair. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go for a short bob if you choose to color your hair blonde platinum.

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